Why Local Businesses Are My Niche.

When you become a Virtual Assistant the first thing the seasoned professionals tell you is find your niche. You can't work with everyone, and the sooner you know your niche the better able you are to connect directly with the clients who can utilize your services best. It really got me thinking about exactly what my niche would be, and more importantly, why.

Starting Upscale Virtual Solutions, LTD. meant I was able to lend my experience and education to my own company, create a flexible schedule to care for my family during a pandemic, and exercise creativity and passion in my career. But most importantly, it meant working with a variety of people across multiple industries. I didn't want to narrow my niche down to a single industry because the industry itself isn't what I was passionate about. I was passionate about working within my own community, supporting my neighbors dreams and passions, and being able to meet face to face with my clients.

Local businesses are important to me. They increase the quality of life for me and my family, they instill a sense of pride into our community, and they are my neighbors. My children will play sports and go to school with their children. That's why my niche is local businesses, in a variety of industries. Because when the local businesses in my area are successful, our communities thrive.

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