3 Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant Right Now.

Have you been on the fence about adding a Virtual Assistant to your team? Here's 3 reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant right now.

Increase Productivity

In a time of metrics, where we are forever forecasting growth possibilities and year over year increases, we measure our successes in growth increments. At a certain point you reach the limit, where you need to scale your business or cut back. A Virtual Assistant meets those needs during times of transition, growth, or seasonal influxes of work. Instead of turning down clients or permanently increasing your team for temporary needs, considering bringing on a Virtual Assistant. Professionals in their fields, they can provide a variety of services to complement your workflow and give valuable time back to your team to spend on areas your business needs it most. An ongoing professional relationship with a VA means they will learn your the ins and outs of your business operations, and can implement strategies immediately that meet your needs.

Reduce Costs

Yes, you can do it all to an extent. But you deserve to have off-time too. Working 65 plus hours a week devalues the work you do because it's simply too much for one person. Similarly, when your team is consistently logging overtime hours it's time to bring in some support. Rather than paying time and a half to multiple team members, and working your salary staff to exhaustion a Virtual Assistant can alleviate the workload. A 2014 study conducted by the APA reported that burned-put employees are 2.6 times as likely to be actively seeking a different job, 63% more likely to take a sick day, and 23% more likely to visit the emergency room. Save your business from unwanted employment and benefit costs by redistributing the weight.

Invest In Your Business

A Virtual Assistant offers a different ROI than a paid campaign with measurable metrics. Nonetheless, a VA is a valuable investment into your business. When you can increase your production or serviceable hours because your VA is handling your appointment schedule, your organization is making more money. Additionally, a VA specializing in an area you lack skills can supplement your business and increase your professional offering in a way you may not have otherwise been able to achieve. Consider a VA a tool that allows you do to more and better business.

Ready to hire a Virtual Assistant? Book a free consult with Upscale Virtual Solutions, LTD. today to discuss business solutions that meet your needs.

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