Creating A Successful New Year- 5 Tips.

I'm sure we are all SO ready to say goodbye to 2020, and bring in the New Year with a heavy emphasis on "good vibes only." Ultimately, though, manifesting positive growth goes beyond making the resolutions. It starts with the intention, but without a clear plan to get you there it's difficult to achieve.

I've always been one to set New Year's resolutions and annual goals and for the most part have stayed true to my resolutions (except to give up coffee, that one never sticks.) Here are my 5 tips for creating a successful 2021.


I don't mean just your physical desk. Clean up the hoards of downloads, documents, and online clutter as well. I've put together a New Year's Guide To Getting Organized with 29 easy tasks to clear your space and get focused.


Journal it, vision board, update your business plan- whatever works for you. Just make sure it's SMART- Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.


Okay you know what you want to achieve, but change happens little by little, day by day. You need a way to measure your progress, and it also helps to keep motivated and accountable to reaching your goals. Mark out the measurable milestones to achieving the goals from Step 2.


Identify the areas that you are equipped to handle, and those that are best left to the professionals. Reaching your goals isn't about doing it all yourself, and sometimes outsourcing some of the tasks helps you to get to the end result more efficiently and effectively.


I LIVE for timelines, to-do lists and any kind of organization of milestones, deadlines and goals. If you aren't already making timelines this is a great time to start! There are a ton of apps that do this, but a spreadsheet or paper copy works just as well. I like to organize mine by calendar month, working backwards from end to beginning. If you need a hand bringing your ideas together into an itemized timeline that can be assigned to team members, consider a Virtual Assistant to set up a timeline for you in an easy to use app like Asana or Monday.