Customer Service Support

Improving your client relationships.  

Customer Relationship Management

  • Setup and customization of CRM systems- Hubspot, Neon, Salesforce

  • Data Remediation- scrubbing duplicates, correcting errors, completing data sets

  • Contact list management

  • Outgoing correspondence with promotional materials

  • CRM Reporting

  • Client outreach by phone or email to renew interest or rebook services

Sales and Service Support

  • Inquiry response

  • Provide information and promotional materials to interested contacts

  • Compile order requests

  • Schedule coordination appointment booking

  • Schedule shipping and delivery dates

  • Upcoming appointment reminders

  • Rebooking Calls

Sales Satisfaction Support

  • Thank you emails, cards or gifts

  • Customer experience survey management- creation, sending, data compilation and reporting 

  • Request testimonials or reviews

  • Respond to complaints